Shailesh Dash, CFA

Founder And CEO – Al Masah Capital Limited.

Shailesh DashOne of the leading figures in the private equity investment industry and formerly Head of Alternative Investment business at Global Investment House (GIH),  Shailesh managed a total AUM of US$ 4 billion across private equity (PE), real estate and hedge funds. During his time at GIH, in less than 5 years he built and managed one of the largest alternative investment businesses in Asia.

Shailesh is the most experienced PE investor in the region in terms of number of transactions (more than 58 transactions executed). Most of these transactions were sourced through his team’s personal relationships. He is the largest regional investor in medium size family businesses with more than 30 transactions. He performed a key role in managing 19 exits (14 Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and 5 trade sales) with net realized IRR of 49% (excluding dividend).

Prior to establishing and building the private equity business in GIH, Shailesh also established the research platform at GIH, and built it into one of the largest and most respected in the region.

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